Truth and Reconciliation — Times Up

I appreciate the opportunity to share some ideas about truth and reconciliation with Times Up. However, when a rupture occurs, a repair is required. As I mentioned on twitter, I’m very frustrated and disappointed with how all of the Times Up work has unfolded and frankly am more resolved to hold the organization accountable despite my resignation from Times Up Healthcare. We had so many opportunities and they were squandered because vision and focus were lost. If we centered survivors, the path would be clear. I highly suggest that you implement all recommendations that are suggested in the Open Letter led by Alison Turkos.

I offer the following suggestions to move toward a path of truth telling. I know I am not at all ready for reconciliation because there are too many unanswered questions that need to be addressed. My suggestions are grounded in reproductive justice principles that are grounded in the notion that no one is disposable, there is a redemptive narrative and process:

1. An accountability circle of survivors who are not employees of Times Up need to be assembled to make decisions, support the work, and drive the agenda of the organization. These need to paid above a living wage, mostly Black, Indigenous and People of Color who are survivors.

2. A listening tour needs to be developed to hear from any person who has left the organization (i.e., volunteer, employee, founder) with the group assembled in #1. This will need to be carefully facilitated and fully transparent.

3. TimesUp needs to keep the open portal/feedback to continue to have accountability and transparency.

4. I would highly recommend asking for questions using #3 that you will answer on the Times Up YouTube channel or Instagram Live to assist people in understanding your positionality, thought processes and decision-making.

There are many other things I could say, except that with Ms. Tchen’s resignation today, perhaps we can curate a different conversation about how to make this all different.



Baddest-assed thinker, nurse, scientist, geek, wino, reproductive justice. #MakeThisAllDifferent #Number5 #WakandaForever

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Monica R. McLemoređź’‰

Baddest-assed thinker, nurse, scientist, geek, wino, reproductive justice. #MakeThisAllDifferent #Number5 #WakandaForever